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Jeff Duggan

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May 31, 2001
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My first question has to do with my motor. My motor is new, so I was going through the break in recommendations. My boat is a 2001 700LXDC with a 90 hp mercury. The first time I took the boat out I ran it at under 3500 rpms the first hour.....varying the throttle at least every 5 mins. The second time I took the boat out I ran it a bit harder. I had only ran about 10-12 gallons of gas through the engine when the warning "Beep" started souding to add oil.....of course I didn't mean for this to happen....my question is does this sound right? This motor holds 3 liters of oil in the oil injection tank. I thought I could go through at least a tank of gas before adding more oil! Someone with knowledge of engines please reply.
Doesn't sound right to me Jeff. I'm no tech, but on my GT150 I can get about 5 full tanks of gas from 1 tank of oil. Ask Jim Lively. I know break-in period is a little particular, but that still does not sound right. Let us know what you find.

Jeff, I don't know much about motors but I have a 2000 Merc 90hp that has 23.5 hours on it. I just did dump the last of the first gallon of oil in my tank, so including the initial oil that the dealer put in and what I've put in, I'd say I've used less than a gallon so far for almost 24 hours or running. I'm thinking that through that 24 hours I've used approximately 2.5 tanks of gas or about 58 gallons. You should check with your dealer. Your either using excessively or loosing it somewhere.
Thanks for the replies. I'm gonna call the dealership and talk to them.

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