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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Howdy all,
Been on the water for 5 days straight and am ready for a break. First the tourney. We had another 60 boat tourney at the same launch running 30 min earlier launch and weigh in. Anyhow we had a little over 15 boats, and yup I was the only guy without a partner. We keep it a 5 fish limit for such cases. I weighed in 15.6 lbs as a lone ranger and did not cash a check if that tells you the size of the bags brought in. Don't be alarmed, I tied for fourth. Pretty good I think for being alone. Only 1 lb seperated me from a 3rd place check. I must have caught 40-50 fish that day. It was great culling 2.5 lbers. The winning team was culling 3 lbers. They had almost 19 lbs to win. I had to share water with 4 other boats and beat them all!
Now meeting Tom Mac and his partner Jim. First let me say that these 2 guys are 1st class all the way. Great guys to fish with. They are still up here in fact. I feel like a putz because we went all day and didn't get many fish. Keep in mind that all the spots had been pounded by tourney guys all weekend. I think I spent more time checking out Tom's 929 than fishing. Man what a rig. And it handles Champlain like a cake walk. We fished all day and Tom would not let me even offer to pitch in for gas. At noon we went back and Jim cooked up hot sausages on the grill at their camp. the only thing missing was the fish. They will be up again in July and I will put them on fish if it kills me. Tom & Jim, thanks for a great day, see you soon.

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