Worn gel coat on keel

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David Jordan

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Aug 4, 2001
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OK, The gel coat is worn down to the fiberglass on my

1989 1800tf. I also have some wear at the back of the transom where the boat rubs on the bunks.

I bought a gelcoat repair kit to coat the bare fiberglass and plan to add a keel gard after. Is this the right way to go or am I over reacting to worn gel coat after 12-13 years. No bubble or blisters. fiberglass is still fine.
It's tough to say without seeing what we're talking about, but reality is that if the gel coat is completely worn in the area you're best bet is to have the boat re-coated by a professional.

Next best bet is to have an area done if that really is the only place it is wearing and you're not worried about matching up color (oxidation wear vs. new finish area). Many times gel tends to yellow with age, chalk, or discolor a bit with exposure to sun and elements.

Chances are though that over time the gel is wearing thin in other areas and not just on the keel and / or bunk contact areas. Consider yourself lucky it's lasted that long. Down here in Florida you're lucky to get that kind of durability on your finish. I keep my boat garaged for that very reason.

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