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Mike Waldrop

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Mar 1, 2000
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Does anyone know a good way to get worn dye off of a counter
top? I was dipping some worm tails in worm dye with garlic and spilled the bottle. Now I have a brite yellow counter top. The brand name for the dye is Spike-IT Dip-N-Glo worm dye. Thanks for any ideas.
Where ever you bought the Spike-It, they'll also have a nutralizer, but I think you have to use it before the dye dries up. So, in the future, dip those worms OUTSIDE and stay away from momma's counter tops.

You might try a little bleach....hopefully your counter top is white......or else it will be!!..LOL....I'd still try the neautralizer if you can find it. Deffinitely do your dippin' outside or in the sink!!
Try some "softscrub" or something simialar.
Try the hotel down the street cause when momma finds out what you did, your gonna need a place to stay!!

Seriously, the suggestion on the bleach is a good one, again provided you have white countertops.

Good luck.

John K.

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