who is going for bass this weekend??

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Feb 29, 2000
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the opening of bass is this sat here in pa and ny.guess where i will be??on lake ontario fishing for smallies.mexico bay area is the killer spot for them!who else will be there,or better yet fishing for them elustrious bass this saturday??

if you are on lake ontario,and see a magna 19 series boat,trolling,or drifting,stop by and say hi..

good luck all!!
I'll be out on Sat and Sun. I line in PA and will be hitting a few local lakes. Hope to be on the wter at sun up to avoid all those meat hunters. My wife is leaving for a four day trip to Florida on Friday so I get a free weekend pass. Gonna make the best of it.
wife keeps telling me when im leaving to go??im starting to wonder if she has a boyfriend coming over??oh well,it keeps her happy,and it gets me out on the water!!

i thought about it,and bass here in pa doesnt compare to ny smallies,or the quantity of them either....

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