what Rods compare to G-Loomis? Opinions

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Ron Chapman

Apr 10, 2001
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Ok Guys lets hear it what Rods compare to G-Loomis? Opinions everyone I fish spinning rods only and prefer G-loomis but so far have only been able to afford 1 and use mostly St.Croix

rip some lips...Ron
St. Croix makes a great stick!! But I have also had a Team Diawa L&T spinning rod that I was truly in love with. Unfortunately it met an untimely demise when my dad's Triton jumped a boat wake last summer and the rod and attatched Shimano reel bounced out the back before I could snag it. I also have a BPS Extreme series spinning rod that I just purchased a couple months ago that seem to move closer and closer to the front of my rod rack!!

Tight Lines!
Todd C.
Ron, before they were stolen, I really liked the assortment of Fenwicks I had. One of the rods was a Fenwick HMG spinning rod that was my wife's.

But, we replaced it with a Falcon Lowrider, and I have to say that the Falcon is easily a match for the Fenwick HMG, probably even a bit better overall. It's a medium heavy 6' rod, but you would never know to look at it. It's mighty thin looking, but when you pick it up, it's incredibly stiff. I've only used it once, but immediately enjoyed it (currently plotting about how to get it away from Jeanne). At $75 (BPS), it's a bargain in comparison to a GL2 or GL3, which are probably the rods you would compare it too.

I don't know which manufacturer makes them, but I bought my first BPS Extreme rod about 3 years ago and that's all I've ever purchased since.

I used to use Fenwick rods and I've come to like the cork handles with the humps in them. When my first Fenwick broke I saw the Extreme rod with the power hump grip and decided to try it. And the rest is history.

Try a castaway you wont be disappointed, also give thought to Falcon
Before you spend the money on a Loomis rod,...check out any of the All Star Titanium series at BPS in Auburn Hills. They are better than a Loomis for several reasons....When Shimano bought Loomis a few years ago,...Loomis's chief rod designer quit and went to work for All Star,...they have a "Lifetime replacement warranty" when purchased from a BPS retail outlet. If you break an All Star, take it back to the store and they'll replace it for you on the spot,.....break a Loomis rod that you already paid $300 for and they'll replace it for you for another $40.00 and you have to ship it back to WA. and wait to get another one. You pay good money for an All Star ($200)for a Titanium, but you pay once,..and only once,...for the rest of your life! NO OTHER COMPANY in the industry offers that warranty on a rod! Check out the BPS Extreme spinning rods too while you're up there,...I'm also in love with a Johnny Morris Signature Spinning rod I ordered from the Off Shore Angler catalog,...it's a 7' med-hvy hi modulus graphite that's everybit as sensitive and well buit as a Loomis..and they retail for @$170.....it's a primo tube rod!! Check one out!
Good luck shopping!!

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