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Ron Cedola

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Mar 26, 2001
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Hello again,
I have an 88 TV17 with a 90HP merc. I'm not looking for anything fast(or a big ROOSTERTAIL,LOL) as I know this is a bassboat.But as I read a lot of these Q's & A's about speed and performance, it occurs to me something may be wrong. I'm getting, right at 30mph WOT at 5500rpm with a 15p prop. Does this seem right? Anyone else with this boat or similar please let me know what you are running. All comments greatly appreciated. (yes, it's an aluminum prop.)
Something seems very wrong. My Grizzly 16 Bass with a 50 runs 38 with a 14p Turbo HotShot.TheRPMs are right in there if that an accurate reading. Is your prop in good condition? I'm at a loss..

5000-5500 is the range for a 2000 90hp. As far as Tracker, well they were way off on a prop for my boat, told me to run a 17p when a 14p hits the mark with just me. Just my .02....Jerry
My prop is kind of beat, but I have an extra that came with the boat. one will be rebuilt this weekend. they both have a little missing, like a dime size piece out of two of the three blades.The prop shop guy informed that this could signifigantly reduce my speed, but I wasn't real sure. A 17p might reduce my rpm some. Hole shot is not a real issue as this isn't a ski/race boat
Ron, for comparison I have a Pro Deep V17 with a 90 that is equippted with a 21 inch pitch alum prop. I'm getting around 40 mph gps at 5250-5300 rpm. The max rpm for the 90 is 5500 rpm. What helped my setup was to raise the engine one hole up from the lowest position.
Sorry, Guys..... I "assumed" that the 90 was the same as the 115 rpm-wise. Ya know that the best part about eatin' crow is that if you leave the feathers on you don't have ta pick your teeth afterward!

I would get a new prop with the same pitch. Hey Scott i'm sure everyone on this board including me knows about leaving the feathers on :)....Jerry
Ron, it sounds like your prop blades ar the problem....a "dime size piece out of 2 of the 3 blades" is significant,...not only is it severely affecting your speed, it's also putting the prop way out of balance and that will lead to excessive wear on your motor's bearing and seals...get that prop repaired immediately, and you'll notice a HUGE difference! You should easily be in the hi 30's to low 40's (mph) with a 90. Keep those prop blades as smooth and nick free as possible for optimum performance. Good luck,...have a great season!!
Ron, I run a 90hp Merc on a PT185 and it will do 50 by the speed-o. I run a Laser II 22p prop on it. That was what Tracker recommended on prop size for that motor. Skip