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Sam Elkins

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Aug 18, 2000
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I've got to give a big thumbs up to West Marine. I was looking for some flush hatch pulls to match the ones that came on my PT185 so I could install them on the lockable storage boxes. The ones I needed, Attwood, I couldn't find anywhere so I got on the web and went to Attwoods site and e-mailed their customer service dept. They told me to call West Marine's special order telephone number and they could get them for me. I called West Marine and told them Attwood had refered me. They said they happened to have some and would send me 4 of them at not cost. They just took my name and address and said they would be in todays mail.

On a side note. If you ever get a chance to get a West Marine master catalog get one. There's lot's of boating information along with all the catalog items.
Sam, I agree. I get good service from them. If you have a store near you, you can have the store order any item in the catalogue, delivered to the store instead of your home. It generally gets there faster, and they won't charge you for shipping since it comes on their delivery truck from the warehouse. Had that done with a 35lb. anchor recently, saved me $20 in shipping charges.

They just opened a new store about 50 feet from where my Nitro sits in it's parking space. It's been a very expensive store opening for me! :) On the other hand, if I need something unexpected while working on the boat, need to refill the oil tank, etc., it's pretty convenient...