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Mark Hofman

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Nov 12, 2001
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The last time I had the boat out (TV18 - 150 XR6), I was looking over the gauges at WOT, and noticed that the water pressure gauge hangs around 10 to 12 psi, or the lower 1/4 of the markings on the dial. Is this right? I've never had a boat with this gauge before, and I really don't know what to look for (other than it dropping to zero, which means 'goodbye wallet!').

Sage advice, anyone?

That sounds about right, Mark; you should hold somewhere in the range of 10 to 15 psi at WOT.

Water pressure guages - as important as they may be - are not know for their accuracy much more than speedometers; their plumbing is easily clogged with debris. Be sure to do your best to keep yours in good working order.

Mark, I had my TV-18 back at the dealer for what I thought was low water pressure according to the gauge. Turns out just like Scott said, that these gauges are about as accurate as hand grenades. As long as you have a good stream out of the "pee hole" and the pressure on your gauge is the same as the benchmark number when it was new stays consistent, everything should be fine.

Scott and Bruce: Thanks! It's too bad the pee-hole is on the back side of the motor!


I've only had it out twice, both times in choppy to moderately rough water, and I don't have a GPS to verify the speed so I go off the speedometer. It has hit 57 on the gauge at wide-open-throttle, but I'll have to wait until I've got calm water to figure out the best trim setting. Coincidentally, that's the same number Tracker published as the top speed with the Black Max 14 x 23 aluminum prop. Going that fast, I wish the windshield was a bit higher, or I was shorter. Running it like that in November makes your eyes water. The trade off for the 150 is that the boat rides pretty low at the stern with the extra weight.


too tall?....have you considered lowering the

seat....might involve using a hacksaw, so

measure twice.
Too tall?

Tell ya what, Mark....... I'm only 5'6"....... You just send your boat my way for the next few months........ I'll take GOOD care of it for you! I'll even make sure that you don't get hit in the face by rain or bugs in June, July and August! Hey, that's what this board is all about - friends helping each other out in their time of need!

Hyuk, Hyuk, Hyuk! (LOL) You guys are hilarious. :^)

I may not like the height of the windshield, but my wife thinks it's perfect, so I better not do anything to mess that up. Came back from a business trip to Troy, Michigan last night. She met me at the garage door so that I'd hug her before I hugged the boat (her words, not mine)!

(Boy, does she have ME figured out!)



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