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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Just got done with my "stress echo" test. Doctor was beside himself. My heart actually gets more effecient under stress rather than weakening. He looked at me and said, "WOW, your in GREAT shape!" He decided that we can probably hold off the surgery safely for at least another year. We'll just monitor it until then. The doc said he has seen high school track kids that couldn't run as hard and long as I did. Yeah, I'm a stud! LOL Made me feel good though. And I haven't been able to exercise in some time. Well it's been a great week and it's only half done. Thought I would update everyone.

EXCELLENT News Rob!! The power of prayer is amazing isn't it??..Keep the faith my man,...you'll be just fine!!

Keep us posted!!

Very cool!!! This is a banner week for you and you deserve it.

Rock-n-Roll Rob!!! Thats excellent news! Mac nailed it, the power of prayer is awesome and all that fishing must have had some theraputic affect as well.

Take care and God bless.

John K.
Thats awesome, what a red letter week you are having. :)

I know, I'd better get on the water before it's over. Maybe I'll break a state record or something. God has a way of sending us wake up calls and mine was loud and clear. The problem is still there, but the big man is saying, "don't worry, I'm still here!" Now if he gets a notion to bless my fishing more than he has already....watch out Vandam, there will be a new sheriff in town. LOL, I'm sitting here with a grande cup of tar colored java and popcorn loaded with butter! Ain't it great!


Don't worry, I won't do it again, just nice to know I still can!
Quick Rob, go buy your powerball ticket....LOL.

Weren't you day dreaming out loud on the board a few weeks ago about having tons-o-cash???

This could be it...LOL

Uh........ I guess this means you won't be needing me to fill in for you when the FLW comes to town.........


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