Trolling Motor Probs but lots of Walleyes PLEASE Help

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Ron Chapman

Apr 10, 2001
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The Good first we have boated 147 walleye this week and freezers are full.

Now for the BAD my Motorguide 48lb 50" trolling motor has a bad connection at the plugin I have taken it apart looked at it all and see nothing wrong put it together again then could not make it malfunction again until on the water again of course, ANYone Have a clue? I am considering wiring it direct.

Second is that fishing in the strong waves in the Detroit River the trolling motor seems to push under the boat no matter how hard i tighten it the breakaway down. I am considering putting a lock washer on it. anyone have any other ideas? Thanks all

Here fishy fishy fishy.... Ron
Rob,....147 walleye out of the detroit river and lk erie system over a weeks time is virtually nothing!! There are so many,...literally MILLIONS of walleye in that system, that keeping 147 decent eaters isn't putting as much as a scratch in the surface!! When the PWT was here the 1st week of April,...they caught the peak of the run and the
fish they brought in to the scales were unbelievable!!! Tommy Skarlis from MN, won it and his final day catch was over 38lbs with 5 fish!!.....I fully support and practice C&R myself 99% of the time, and to someone who's not familiar with the quality and quantity of the walleye fishery here, 147 may seem like a lot, but it's really not. Hundreds of walleye die everyday from natural causes and it still doesn't affect that fishery....come on up and try it sometime......from early April through May,'ll have more walleye than you can stand to clean!!! And the best part is,...the real hardcore guys only keep the 2.5-4lbr's anyway,.....they release the big toad females!! Now that's the epitomy of conservation and it's working,.....the fishery here is the best it's EVER been......we're doing a great job here....come on up and try it,'ll be hooked!!....Good luck and here's to the success of C&R!!
Tight lines and hashbrowns!!...seeya!!
Ron, how do you know the connection was bad at the plug? And did you take the plug apart, or the outlet? Did you inspect the rest of the wiring all the way back to the battery?

And back to Walleye: What does a Walleye taste like?
Walleye is awesome!!!...It's very mild,....closest thing i can think of is perch.....In my opinion, my 3 favorite fresh water fish to eat are walleye, perch and smelt.....but I'd never turn down a Blackened Redfish either!! YEOW!!!
Love that stuff!!!
Rich - I'd say the best fresh water fish i've ever eaten!!! I hit north-western Ontario (north of Lake of the Woods) every other year with my male in-laws and drool on the way up each year just thinking about the 'Eyes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mac is right, closest thing is a fresh perch.

We're heading up this Labor day weekend,coincidentally also my birthday weekend!

Rich, If you haven't tried Walleye, then do yourself a favor and get some. It is the best. I have to agree with Mac on his order of best tasting fish, Walleye, perch and smelt. Yummy! Walleye also happens to be my favorite fish to catch, gotta love em.

Adam, speaking for this yankee, I have never learned a good and easy way to prepare the catfish. However I am always willing to have some when it is prepared by someone who knows what they are doing. Have fun.

Ron if I were you I'd replace the plug. The one on my boat is almost too tight but I never have to worry about it coming loose. Good luck.