Trim tab and hydrofoils.. do I need a trim tab??

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Eric B

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Mar 1, 2001
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Hi all. I tried to put a hydrofoil on my 2000 40 last weekend, didnt drill holes but I found that the

trim tab under the cav plate was in the way. I was trying the SE 200 hydrofoil on it.

My question is, is this trim tab needed?? I have tryed to move it in different spots to help the

pull (hard to steer right, but easy left a WOT). Anyways, if it was removed to make room for the

SE200, would it cause a problem??

Eric -

It certainly won't help..........

I know you've already drilled the holes, so finding a different plate not be an option you'd consider......... But I'd certainly try to find a way to put the trim tab back.

Scott.. I have not drilled the holes yet, just marked em and held the bold on the mark to see

if it would clear. The trim tab is still on. In reference to "moveing" I was talkin bout the trim tab,

how it moves around so u can adjust it.

I did return the SE to BPS but they were out of the 300's, guess its a hard item to get.

I have tried several different postitions with the trim tab, but dont notice a difference when driving,

thats why I asked. Not sure if a small motor would act better with or with out it to begin with.

I plan to sell the 40hp next spring and get a 75, guess I can live with it till then.
Eric -

The trim tab is there to counter the steering torque.

Try setting it so that the rear end of the tab is all the way to the right; this will counter the torque that tries to turn your boat to the left.

Also, try adjusting the trim on your motor. Tilt it down a bit further; that should eliminate some of the torque as well.

Running a 40 hp myself, and sometimes not being very observant, I had installed a Hydrofoil and lost a trim tab. I didn't even notice it until washing the boat after a couple of trips. As far as the fit of the foil, the instructions call to install it on the top of cav plate. At least it did on my SE300.



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