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Terry Young

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Oct 3, 2000
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Does any now if it is very hard to install a trim sender. I have a 1999 90hp Tracker (by Merc.}and I would like to install a trim gauge but no sender on motor. Is it best to leave it to the dealer or can a person do it themselves? Also anyone know of where a person can get these senders, besides the dealers?
Terry, I just put one on my boat, a 2000 40 hp merc. The sender will cost bout
170.00 or more depending, but should be around there. I put mine on my
self. I THINK, it goes to the left side of the motor mount, least mine did.

Just have some of the quicksilver lube for the screws. The instructions are
not that hard to follow, but I"ll tell ya what I did.

Tilt motor up as far as you can w/o bending cables. Screw the sender
to the inside of the mount, you will see a depresson with holes there
towards the top. Rought wires under the mount, ground the black wire where
your instructios say. Run sender wire to dash. You will need added wire
so you can splice into it. Drill your hole for the gauge, This can be hard
if you dont have the best tool for it, I had to use a hole maker for wood
which SHOULD be used on a drill press, but i did mine slow.

There should be, like mine, extra power (purple) wire and ground wire
from the dash gauges, if not, use a splicer connetor. There is also a
light wire for use at night. 3 wires, Power (purple), gound, and light.

You will need to make adjustments to the sender untill you get it where
you want it, have a smalll..short phillips head screw driver around.
I wouldnt tighten down the sender screws too much at first, till your set
with the gauge where u want it.

I love mine, now I dont have to look to see if its all the way down and
force the hydralics.

If I have left something out guys, let us know! Im just given info as to what
I did.

Good luck!

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