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Bill Scherer

Mar 25, 2001
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Does anyone else have problems with their trailer lights? I have changed the one on the license plate 4 times and the one on the other side just went out. Also the cheap license bracket broke once and I lost my trailer plate. The new sealed bulb system must have problems with vibration. The bulbs are very expensive and I've changed the bulbs so many times the 2 screws holding the light on the trailer are starting to twist in the plastic. I think Nitro needs to change something on their trailer lights.


Do you unplug your trailer lights while loading and unloading? I know they are supposed to be waterproof, but I still unplug them and although my boat is less than a year old, haven't had any burn outs.

Rich D
Rich! Yes, I do unplug the lights every time. I know they say you don't have to. I have a 1998 boat and I trailer it about 1500 miles a year, I changed one light about a month ago and changed the same one yesterday. Thanks for your Imput. Bill
When I got my trailer 3 years ago, I took the tail-lights apart and took out the inside bulb unit and put liquid electrical tape around the base of both units. An yes, I unplug the lights when loading and unloading. If you still get water or moisture inside the bulb unit, it will burn out. I have not had to change any tail-lights so I must be doing something right!
As some of you know, the trailer on my Nitro was the only complaint I ever had....... And it was One Big Complaint.

Yes, I too, had a couple of the bulbs vibrate loose inside the encapsulation. And a couple more also burnt out quickly. But, after replacing several - at 6 bux each - it seems that once you get a good unit they last as well as any automotive bulb. No need to disconnect the trailer wiring first either.

My original plate bracket broke - but I managed to catch it before I lost the plate.

Also, since they run the wiring within the tubes of the frame, the crimp connectors for the wiring harness corrode easily. I ran the wiring on the outside of my frame rails using plastic channeling designed to run lamp cords up walls inside your house. And I didn't completely enclose the wires; 1 foot of channeling, then a foot open, then another foot of channeling, etc. It ain't as purty as having the wires hidden - but it sure saves a lot of headaches!


I also angled the channeling down slightly so it would drain more easily.
I also had to make a new plate bracket. Made mine out of aluminium. I don't unplug before backing in. The lights are supposed to be waterproof and if they're not they will be replaced under warranty.


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