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Edward Rose

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May 22, 2001
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Can anyone tell me how the V18 with a 90HP will perform water skiing. I am thinking of buying one and could use this information.
Hi Ed,...That boat is an awesome fishing boat, but I'd be leary of pulling an adult on ski's. If you're going to pull kids or use it for tubing, it would probably be okay, but that boat doesn't have a very deep V and it's pretty light as far as total weight, and i think an adult on ski's that cut's in and across the wake, might have a tendancy to pull the boat around and/or cause the driver to lose control........a heavier 'glass boat such as the NX750 or 882 would be a much better boat for pulling skiers. I'd limit the use of a TV-18 for fishing, and pulling a tube....I wouldn't feel comfortable pulling a's not intended for that. Just my opinion!!
Good luck shopping!!

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