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Aug 17, 2022
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Hey all!

I recently got my hands on a '94 180 FS and the capacity plate is completely faded and I am unable to figure out any of the information that was originally on it. I've reached out to customer service and local dealers/service centers and I haven't had any luck in finding a replacement plate or the information to make a new one through the different services online. Would anyone happen to have a similar boat and be willing to share the capacity plate information with me? Thanks!
Nitro. I'm more looking to get the information to duplicate the plate information so I don't overload the amount of people on board. My rough estimate for human load is a maximum of three people or around 700-750 pounds and up to 1300 pounds include motor, gear, etc based on similar construction/sized boats (which I have a mercury two stroke 115 at around 340ish pounds on board now). I'm looking for a sanity check that those capacities weren't too high before the start of boating season and wanted to be safe on the water and I would rather under load the boat than overload.
I thought they used a 150lb per person for the calculation on how many you can have but after looking at my Tracker Targa v19 with 1100lbs person weight and 8 people according to the tag, it comes out to 137.5lbs when I do the math. I'd go with the math on the link above and at least you can defend it if comes to that. What's your boat length and width?
I misremembered the plate that I saw and it was actually five people but the weights were about right. The length of my boat is 18 feet and 7 and half wide.
Nitro 180 TF Capacity Plate.jpg

I did find this online and I think this will work for me. I'm not sure if the TF is much different from the FS that I have.

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