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Nov 1, 2000
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Does anybody know what the difference is between the Tracker Trolling Motor and the comparables Motorguides.

I have looked at them, but the heads are the only things that looks different. Don't know about internal components, though. They still have that rickety mount though.
No difference in the working components. Tracker has an exclusive contract with Motorguide to mount their trolling motors on Tracker Marine, Inc. products. In exchange, Motorguide gives Tracker the right to call the motor a "Tracker by Motorguide". Same thing with the Mercury/Nitro/Tracker outboard motor. Only the sticker is different.

You're right about the rickety mount. I'm going to break mine and then mount a Minn Kota like the one on my father-in-law's boat. I can't seem to break his, so it must be a good product! :^)

I also posted a response to your question about the quality of a Tracker boat.

Thanks Mark,

I was just up at the BPS here and looking at the them. If everything is the same, then I am comfortable with them. The only problem is that I don't like the mount and would ultimately want it changed.

I totally remounted mine and cut a bunch of noise out but you can still hear me coming from across the lake. It is noisy but the darn thing works well.
The bigger TM's come standard with a Gator mount. I have a 67lb, 50" that is great. Had a few problems in the beginning with the shaft bearing retainer coming loose and causing a lot of noise, but it was easily fixed. I like my Motor Guide and that I can tell it is the same as straight from the MFR. without some options. One friendly tip, ALWAYS carry a spare prop, nut, and pin. Just take my word for it!


The hole pattern for the MotorGuide Gator and Minn Kota are the same. My 882 came with the 67# Tracker (MotorGuide) and the Minn Kota Maxxum 74 fit perfect. I later changed to a MotorGuide TE 71 with Gator II mount. All three of the mounts had the same pattern.

Russ C.
Russ, I am not sure if The Holes for the MAxxum, Bowguard and Autopilot Series of Minn Kotas are the same. Ia Your Maxxum 74 a Cable Control or Autopilot? Thanx

The Minn Kota Maxxum 74 is cable control. The mount uses the same holes as the Gator or Gator II.

Russ C.

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