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Doug Patillo

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Mar 21, 2001
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Thought some of you might be interested in this. Use the following link to see a review and boat test of the Tracker Tournament V18 Single Console.

Thanks for the review. Now I'm even more confident that I made the right purchase. I just have to make one correction and ask 1 question.

First the the standard package does not include the 90HP, it includes the 75hp.

Second, I've noticed a discrepency in fuel tank capacity. I've read both 38 and 41 gallons. Which is correct?

You are correct Marke: It includes the 75 hp and my documents show that the fuel tank capacity on this one is 41.
Is the a Tracker/BPS owned/managed site? I noticed in the archives that the only boats that were reviewed were Tracker boats, just interested. I have been looking for a year and 1/2 for some independant reviews of my boat (crappie pro) on-line and have not found any yet.

Thanks for quickly adding value and content to the site - Doug - And welcome aboard!

TrepMan - Soon (in 1/2 hour) to be fishing w/Noah for the afternoon Daddy.
Yes the is managed by BPS and will only feature Tracker boats. This is actually a really good dite for articles on marine, fishing & hunting.
Bruce...When I was shopping for my boat, the Tracker dealer told me I'd better
buy now (this was the fall of 1999, just before the 2000's came in) because the boats will go up in price. Anyways, the '99 model of the ProAngler came standard with
a 40hp motor. Well, I waited till early summer last year to buy. The price
was the same as '99, except it came with a 25hp motor. I didnt trust this
sales person from the get go. Well, I could have saved some bucks if
I had gotten the '99 but I still had to sell my old boat first. I'm not sorry
I waited really, but its a guessing game I guess you gotta play sometimes.

I dont know where this fits into this post, but wanted to mention it anyways.

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