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Mike Paul

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Mar 17, 2001
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Hey Everyone, Fished my second local multi-species club tourny yesterday 18 boats on a 2500acre flowage. I'm kind of frustrated. First of all I get there at 5:30am and my partner and I get the boat in the water. Then we paid and drew our number and were standing around with others when I somebodys dog had jumped in my boat which was tied to the dock. The dog was pawing at the side of my boat and barking at his owner who just unloaded his boat. scratched the finish and pissed me off. then with that behind us we take off and fish, and fish, and fish, you guy notice I didn't say catch. This is the lake I fish 2 times a week with good success. Why is it when there is money involved I cannot catch a fish in a bucket but when I go there with my dad or partner we just kill them. I fished all the same spots I allways fish and was using the same baits that the guys that won the tourny were, and we only managed to boat 1 legal bass and a 25in. pike. The guys that won had 10 bass and even culled. I know I shouldn't give up or get discouraged, but it's hard when you feel all your doing is donating to the winner. Well with 2hrs to go i told my partner under bright sunny skys "the day could have been worse, it could be raining".An hour later it was raining and hailing pee sized hail. Perfect ending to a perfect day. LOL Thanks for listening to me whine

P.S. We did finish 11th out of 18.
P.S.S one boat was dq'd for fishing below the dam on the flowage and bring the fish back up to their boat and hooking them on a stinger(they didn't have a livewell). The directer dq'd them and they said @!%$@% and threw the 10 bass in their boat and left. they had 1 bass that was 23-24in long and weighed probably 7lbs. The bass that won large bass of the tourny only weighed 3.5lbs!!!
don't get discouraged. I can't even count the number of times I have fished my home water, (the water I GUIDE on) and get my but kicked. I weighed in the biggest tourney stringer I have ever weighed last week and only got 4th. Other times I have gone to new water, didn't prefish and took 2nd. That's the joy of tourney fishing. It makes you humble. But try this. Don't try so hard next time. Just go fishin'. Relax, slow down and you will probably do better. I always was trying too hard. And most important, listen to what the fish are telling you. No I don't hear voices LOL.