TM rattling, need help.

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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Hey guys,
Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was expensive. Tore the transducer of the transom for my 'bird. Must have been a piece of debris. Anyway, I bought (from the swap board) a new Tracker series motor guide. It's the 24v, 50", 67lb model. It was great the first couple of times out. It started to make noise when I let of the power. What is happening is the inner shaft is rattling inside of the outer shaft once I let off. Also if I just swing the motor around without power it does it. It's very noisy. It's spooking shallow fish. Is there anyway to tighten it? It should be under warranty since I bought it new, and the warranty was supposed to be transferred to me. I just can't afford ANY time without it since I am booked and have tourneys coming up. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Rob, the shaft bearing retainer has worked loose. It's a common problem. Especially on new motors.
The retainer is held in place with 2, or more, set screws. Drop the motor into the running position and
loosen the set screws. Now have someone put downward pressure on the foot while you push up on the retainer and tighten the set screws. That should take the slack out of it and stop the noise.
I hope that all makes sense.
What do you mean by downward pressure on the foot. The control foot pad? And which way would be down, towards me? Sorry to sound ignorant. I do know the 2 set screws though, and the retainer ring. That is exactly where the noise is, like a loose bearing right there maybe.
Rob, have them put downward pressure on the motor housing. This will pull the inner shaft downward
and, as you put upward pressure on the retainer, it will hold the bearing tight between the inner and outer shafts.
I hope this helps. Sometimes I'm just not good with words.
Good luck. Frank
Thanks guys. I will try it tonight and let you know tomorrow how it went. I also have to change the pinion gear on my starter, since it lost 2 teeth yesterday. LOTS of fun!