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Scott Warren

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Jan 22, 2001
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I just wanted to remind those of you that may be new to boat ownership like me to constantly check your TM battery water level on a regular basis. I checked mine the first of every month, but somehow in 2 weeks it was pretty much dry. I normally leave the charger hooked up all week if I'm going out the following weekend.

Last weekend I had only been on the lake about 3 hours when the power went to almost nill. When I got back and checked out, didn't see any water in the cells. I filled up with distilled water and charged for almost 2 days with the red light on the charger not turning green. When I took the battery in yesterday to my local Bass Pro dealer here in Memphis, it tested fine. After some discussion, he gave me a new battery. After charging overnight, both red and green light came on.

I know the placement of the batteries in the PT175 are not convenient to check battery acid levels, but check regularly. I really appreciated the fact that the dealer replaced the battery free of charge and probably was not obligated to do so.

Great job by the dealer...please post that on the Dealer Report card section.

Did you talk to my Paul in Memphis, or maybe Arnold???
I heard that Trolling Thunder went out of business!!...Is that true?? I've got them in my 901 too and I love'em!!!

The 2001 9 series boats come with Interstates too,.......does anyone know??

I have a 2001 Pro Team 175 and my batteries and onboard charging system work great. My batteries are sealed.
tnscott, You didn't mention if you have a on-board charger. If your charging it with a car type charger you might be boiling out the water if you leave it on too long, I've seen it happen so I thought i'd pass it on. Mike.
My 911 last year came with TT's and I immediately replaced them with A.C. Delco Voyager M-30's. Ran 'em 14 mos. hard without a single problem. All my previous Nitros came with Interstates of varying models. I always replaced them with Delco Voyagers which I've never had a failure, fresh or salt.My room mate during the 97 Invitational on Lake Ontario was a rep. for a new battery line called "Trolling Thunder". At two different tournaments that season, I and another friend jumped his batteries more than once. Man, he was mortified and we were glad we had Delco's. They're a little heavier than some of these "technological breakthroughs", but much more reliable. Just my opinion.
My 901 is a 2000, came with two TT's and a Interstate Cranker,.......have never had a problem with either brand! I know the new 9 series boats all come with 3-4 Interstates,...maybe it's a "dealer thing"....i don't know!!

I like the TT's though,....they run for ever!!!

Ken, it was Arnold. Great customer service. Mike, yes I have the stock Guest charger that came with the boat. I was concerned at first that it was something with the charger, but it works fine. I also changed out the 3 blade prop with a 2 blade, and can't believe how much more speed I get at lower settings. A couple of guys had told me about changing it out.

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