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Roger Chambers

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Jul 30, 2001
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Thanks for the help on the bearings. Now, I have another problem. When I tilt the motor up, it will slowly fall down. I raise the motor all the way up, checked the fluid, right at top of filler stem. I can't see any oil leaking anywhere. What is the problem?
Sounds like the seals are leaking off the fliud in the pump.Have a friend who just had the same problem. They rebuild the and it works fine now.
either you need the pump resealed or the manual release valve is leaking... try tightening up the release valve it's at the bottom of the transom bracket looks like a big flat head screw... if this dosen't help take it to a dealer and have them either A. Order a new cyilnder or rebuild it.... most dealers that i know dont want to mess with the rebuilding just for the simple fact of with a new one you get a Mercury waranty... rebuilt the dealer stands behind the waranty.

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