Three days Fishing with a Guy from Vermont

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John Foster

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Feb 29, 2000
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For the last few weeks Bob Gabriel From Vermont. A fellow member of this site has been here in California on business. He has been over for dinner a few times and we have gotten to know each other. We have been able to get out on the boat three times during his stay. The first time was to a lake that I thought would be a good lake to fish. Well, It was a total Bomb. Only caught 1 fish 3" long all day. I felt like Crap. This guy is 3000 miles from home and I take him to a dead lake.

The next weekend he has plans. So I hook up with Tom (Fishfafun) Lutz, another site member, and we fish the CA delta in his Bass Cat. We have a great day on the water. So I figure I should bring Bob to the Delta. By the way Tom, When we getting together in my boat??

So this past weekend, Bob and I spent both Saturday and Sunday fishing the California Delta. We had a great weekend. Boated a lot of fish and lost a bunch more. I even "LET" Bob catch the biggest fish of the weekend. :0)

He will be leaving California this week so we will not have a another chance to Fish together. But we will be getting together for dinner before he has to leave.

I want to say thanks to Bob for letting me know he was going to be in CA.

It has been a great few weeks, getting to meet and make new friends. All because we read this Board. Who would of thunk it.

Remember, if you are going to travel to another state for business of vacation. Look up the members in that state and see if they would like to get together for dinner or fishing or what ever. We don't have to wait till there is a rally to see each other. We can have our own little "Rally's" when ever we can. So if anybody is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area. Look me up. I would love to get to meet you. And maybe go fishing too.

John Foster

"If you're going to San-Fran-Cisco........."

Gosh darnit, Parrott! See what you done went and started! Now I gotta sing to everything!

John, I think that any of us would be lucky as can be to find such gratious hosts as you, Stacey and Susan - Anywhere!

Back in April, after the Rally, I talked about growing up when it took rooms full of engineers with slide rulers to design the F-4....... I agree! "Who would of thunk it"!


Been a little busy (never so busy I can't find some time to fish with a friend) the last couple of days in Oroville (Coupe Memorial Tourney), but we can go out this weekend if possible. Not sure if I have to work this weekend yet (only one day or the other is all), but I will know by Thursday so we can plan then if it's alright with you. Just drop me an e-mail or call if you still got my #.

With your new schedule (started yet?) you should be a little more alert ;-) this time and catch even more fish! Plus, if'n you be drivin' the Nitro, I want you to be FULLY alert...hehehe (well, looky here).

And totally sure Bob had a great time with you all! I know I did and I didn't even get to meet the better 2/3 of your family yet!

Anyway, if you all (Nitro/Tracker owners) decide to rally out this way sometime you'll just have to put up with a little BassCat intrusion! (Be Very Afraid!) HA!

Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, the tourney I just fished had 112 boats (mostly Rangers, of course) and LOTS of Cats, but only a few Nitros or Trackers. Not a good opportunity to hand out your cards John! Oh, well, didn't mean to make you all mad ;-)

Tom (and I just fishfafun, unless it's for a good CAUSE)


I had a great time fishing with you and meeting your family. I appreciate you letting me catch the biggest fish, even from the back of the boat! When you come to Lake Champlain, you can catch the biggest!! I'm going to work on my Senko/sandwich technique. If it can work on the Delta, it should be awesome on Champlain. You can show Tom the technique, but I don't think the fishing world is ready for it!!! Talk to you later.


If I understand the term Senko/sandwich, maybe John already has shown me the technique. I think he called it a Culprit burger? Maybe John can enlighten me this weekend?