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Feb 29, 2000
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thank you tracker for the work you did to my boat last year.when i get the pictured done i will e-mail them to you.

now to tell you what i found,i had a pedistal mount which looked loose in the deck,so being a mechanic/welder/riveter by trade,i pulled the deck up,which,by the way has STEEL screws holding it down,but getting back to the story at hand,pulled the deck up to put new bolts,or whatever back in to tighten it down,found something i really didint need to see/want to see EVER!!! i found the drivers pedistal mount loose,but the steel inserts not even in the deck,but loose to the point that they werent even in the wood still.the flotation foam,you know,the stuff that makes the boat float if swamped with water,well,where they did the reriveting,they cut the foam back,didi the reriveting,then never put the foam back in,oh,they did put some back in,but it didnt expand properly,lays there like cow,well,you get the i looked even closer,they pushed the broken blocks of foam down to the keel area of the bilge,you know,where the drain slots are,which allows water spray,or any water in the boat to drain to the bilge the water had very little area to drain back,it,the foam now has a slime coat on it now.

now here is what i see hapening to the foam that has the skin broken on it,will absorbe water/moisture and weigh the boat down,right?that is the way i read it,as the foam we use in the refer bodies we insulate is the same stuff,and when the skin is broken,it does absorbe water,and believe me,it does weigh it down.

now back to the deck,i had a booger job when they,meaning tracker in bolivar put them back down,made the screw holes so big,the edges of the deck will NOT hold a screw now,it goes straight through now.the screw holds jack,and a few of the others are in the same boat.i had to put 1/4" flat washers on them so they would hold something,or at least spread the area out.

well,i didnt pull the back section up to see how much foam was removed around the weld where a rivet should be.that might be this weekend coming,that one takes a little to get up,since i have to pull the seats off the transom rail,and maybe the batteries too.but being a betting man,the foam probally wasnt replaced,just pulled out in 1 chunk and slammed back in,broken skin and all,since this foam is highly flamable,i know for a fact.

sorry for the long post,but to see the repair job done by the factory still gets my goat,and no call back yet.send me the decks to my dealer,i will replace them myself,i will bring the old ones back to them.let me get a couple estimates for repainting the hull,and reinburse me for it.i hear all the good they are doing for oheres,now my problem has been going on since april 2000,promises made,BROKEN and nothing done since,im not mad,beyond that,but i will still use my boat but mark my words,if they dont fix there mistakes,i will,and i will do it right.

oh i almost forgot,i would like my livewell replaced,since you,meaning tracker drilled holes in it drilling out the rivets i had to put in it to hold the console to the front deck.the holes are not 3/16" big,they are over 1/2" or bigger,so here is where some more water gets in the boat,since i couldnt seal them perfect.

sorry for the long post,but looking at the boat gets my blood boiling,and i have not called tracker waiting for them,since i have left messages,but no call backs,not waisting my hard earned money playing phone tag with them.they have my home # and work # to get in touch with me.

bye all,
Let me add one more thing.........

As many on this board know, in the past year or so I have contacted Tracker many times on behalf of those posting on this board. (I think I have become Jenny Corley's most un-favorite person.)

It all started with a post by Sam H., one that was poorly constructed and filled with anger. I knew from experience that Customer Service Representatives, in general, would tend to disregard someone who did not communicate in a way in which they were easily understood and, even more so, if they were angry.

I responded to Sam in somewhat the same manner that Adam just responded to Jeff........

I also did exactly what I am going to do with this post........ I am going to print a copy, sign it with my name and address and send it to Ken Burroughs, President, Tracker Marine, 2500 E. Kearney, Springfield, MO 65803. I want them to know that WE ARE WATCHING.......

i have spoken to at least 6 or more customer service(or circus) reps,including the head of the dept,the 2 diffrent ones since i had it there in 2000,and i spoke to them like i was borrowing money or something from them.stated facts,gave answers,and such,till the last one,which was the head of customer service,got to the point of him telling me they were NOT going to refurbish my boat,hell,i dont want it refurbished,i want it fixed right,put back the way it was when i sent it out,or better yet,I took it out to the facory at MY expense,NOT theres.

i have talked to jenny corley twice,and even after she said she would pass it on,it took them 3 days to get back to comeon,if your company took 3 days to get back to a dissadisfied customer,well,you get the drift!

jenny at tracker does look at the board,so does a few others there at tracker.

adam,my boat,even though it is a 1993,purchased in 1994,which is out of warranty now,it still is my boat,they should have fixed it right the 1st time,the rivets they put in still leak,now if they fixed your boat,let me say this,they had it in oct of 99 till when i picked it up in april 2000,they had plenty of time to fix it right,check it right even,but they called in nov 99 to tell me it was done.quickest fix ive seen or heard of from tracker,right?

as for the foam,im still pulling pieces out of the bilge area so the pump doesnt suck it in and burn up.


Can you or have you posted pictures of the work ? Can you makes a list of the letteres and phone calls made ? Adam is right, alot of what you get is how you present yourself. Maybe (that's MAYBE)things got off in the wrong direction when, much to your dismay and anger you communicated to Tracker what the problems were. I'm willing to put some time towards helping you write a letter with your concerns (with Adams Help)and sending ti to Tracker to hear their official views on this. They may have a very valid point on some information we, as a board don't have right now.

Who wants to join me in helping to at least clear things up for Magna19 ? BTW what's your name?

well,the pics were posted here in the grab bag till the board was revamped.i still have them and the new ones also somewhere here in my harddrive.ive been working on the puter here and dont have my ports configure for the digital camera,so it is tough to do it when the puter is giving me fits now and then.i reinstalled my printer/driver 5 times,still cant print.

as for the legal part of it,the taking them to court is the last thing on my mind now,i would rather not get lawyers involved,i kind of dont like them.i would rather deal with tracker directly,not with a rep,but the head of the dept,or someone who can make a decision without scratching his head and saying,duh,ill have to ask my boss on that!! a straight answer on what they are going to do would be sufficent,except as before,i will get it in writing.i took mike nicholas word for it,i believe someones word is and should be like a contract,but as we say,took it for granted and got the shaft!!

pierre,i have pics out the ying yang of it,as for the people i talked to and times/dates,me being stupid didint write anything down.but tim oxenwriter,i think that was his last name in the warranty repair area in bolivar told me and a friend i had with me,that they would replace the decks,well,took his word for it too,well i got the shaft there also..

look,im not saying im perfect when it comes to riveting,aluminum welding,painting,but from what i seen of the work,they should hire people who can do the work,and has some PRIDE in what they do.because the people who worked on my boat didi not have any pride in there work,which reflects on the company as a whole.people look at boats at launches to see who has what,and ask questions 9on how you like it,how is the service after the sale,and so on,well,what do you tell them when they see the gouges in the sides of the boat from the drill bits?or the god ughly holes from the drilling out of the screws in the deck?luckly no one has asked me about that yet,but the day i feel is coming.

tracker,jenny in partcular was sent the pics of the boat,and she forwarded them to justin maples,who in my opinion,well,lets just say,im not going to post it,but you get the picture.i told him if i have to bring the boat back out there to show them the work,i have no problem jumping in the truck with boat in tow and traveling over 1,000 miles out there,yes thats right 1,000 miles to the headquarters to see him in person,i would.i have no problem with that.

the link below will take you to some of the pics i have found,change the jpg name at the end to the following ones to see them all,i will update a list of them for all of you to see.


You misunderstood my post....I am the G.M. for the reatial dealership of Tracker at Bass Pro Shop's store in Mi.

I do not work for the manufacturer.

I have to deal with the finished product and make it usable when selling to our customers.

I share all of your frustrations because I have to go through the same channels as all of you to get help from Tracker with their boats.

I belive it is a great product when it is correct, but sadly the Quality Control is sorely lacking.

I do not belive my post was a slap in the face to anyone.

If more retail dealers of Tracker boats would get involved with the end users of the boats, they may get a better understanding of what the frustrations are and how to keep current customers happy and coming back to continue purchasing and enjoying Tracker boats.

Also, I did not say that I was going to fix anything, I was merely offering any assistance I may be able to provide from a Dealer's end. Sadly, many Tracker boat owners are abandoned by their dealers after the initial purchase, and I surely don't want to hear that Bass Pro of Michigan has done that to our customers under my watch.

my dealer,the one who origionally sold it,was either dropped by tracker,or just gave up the dealership.i now have to deal with a dealer who didint sell me the boat,but who,by what i have heard is a good dealership,that by a few who have bought boats from them and from tracker themselves.they have had no complaints filed against them,as my former dealer has had 2 filed on them.

from what i have heard,before you go and buy a boat from a dealer,you can call tracker and get the scoop on the dealer,to see if anyone has filed complaints on them.

ken,you figure a retail store would have a little pull with the manufacturer to get problems settled.but i guess thats not true.

oh well,time to go fishing,and not to worry about the boat any more!!
Yes, we do have a little more pull because we are in contact with them more often and know the right people to talk to.

A good Dealer will handle the customers problems with Tracker themselves, not let the customer contact Tracker and get lost in the corporate shuffle.

Hopefully you're new dealer contact will have the same attitude as I do and fight the fight for you even though you're not "his" customer...

good luck and tight lines
Over the last few months of reading the boards frustrated Tracker owners comments I wonder why no one has taken legal action against the Tracker company to get there boat fixed A.S.A.P and the right way the first time. I'll tell you all something right now,I work hard for my money and it took me over 2 years to scrap together money for my rigs down payment.Now if that rig just sits around in the backyard trailered more than its on the water but I still have to make a monthly payment,Im going to be pissed if Tracker ever gives me the run around they can deal with an attorney who will document all phone calls and dates and see first hand how they as a company treat people who spend there hard earned money thinking there getting a quality product.Mean while the corprate fat cat sitting in his office counting all of the thousands of dollars he is making off of us with out any regards as to how we feel.

Try getting in touch with Nathan Long...I don't have his number handy but if you call me Monday @ 248-209-4179 I will get it for you.