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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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Although I've used the boat over the winter, today was a perfect day to get things in order for the new season.

Changed the lower unit oil. Happy to say it came out looking clean and untainted. Also finally got around to mounting my tool box in a battery tray where the second trolling battery would normally sit if I was running a 24 volt trolling motor. Saves a bit of storage space in the rest of the boat. Turned the trolling motor head around so the port rod locker door will open when the trolling motor is stowed (thanks for the instructions Scott).

I had an interesting experience trying to get a replacement for my stolen prop. Someone on BFHP recommended Reynolds Performance Marine. I spoke with Tony Reynolds and ordered a replacement prop. It never showed up. Called asking for follow up 8 days after the order (another fishing chance missed), they told me they would call back later that day. Never heard from them. Next day, I decided to go to Georgia Precision Propellers to get a replacement, because I did not want to miss another chance to fish. They have a full refund trial policy, which was ideal. I tried a used 25P Predator, and it was perfect. Hole shot vastly improved over the 26P Laser II, and same top speed, right at the redline. A keeper!

Same day I tried the new (used) prop, Reynolds calls to say the prop I ordered came back to them from the shipper, smashed. Huh? Somebody musta driven over it, I guess. Or maybe not. Whatever.

TrepMan, I owe you an email and a fishing date.

Everybody have a good week.
I am VERY jealous, still have at least 24" of snow on the ground here and thats after 2 nice days of 40 degree weather. I am scheduled to pick my boat up from storage 1st week of April then I can start working on a mod I have in mind for my boat, I will be asking for advice. :) Everyone please keep your fingers crossed for New Englanders and anyone else with snow NO MORE SNOW! :)

Rich,and guys and gals. Finally got all of the offise work done today. Supposed to be 62 tomorrow so looks like the old tin boat is.....WET!! Let ya know how it went....YEEHAW