Prop selection for a Nitro FS185 ?

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Tony banks

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Jan 27, 2016
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North Georgia
Hey Guys, My 185 came with a tracker (merc) 125 and a 24" laser 2 SS prop. I assume they used so much prop, to limit the RPMs on that 125 outboard. Its wide open rpm limit is 5250. That seems low to me, but I dont want to over-rev and blow the motor. I bought a 21" Stilleto SS prop, but retuned it because I was sure it would red-line motor. I am curious if anybody has tried changing out the factory 24" for something else. The hole shot with a 24" is not great! I dont mind losing a little on top-end, for some better hole shot. Any of you Nitro 185 guys, tried some different props on your setup??Thanks

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