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Mike White

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Dec 10, 2000
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I need some help! I have a 1999 Tournment V-18 with a 90hp. I am running about 36mph(gps). I am wanting more speed, so I am thinking about buying a 150 to put on it. My concern is, is it worth the money and does anyone know anything about transon's buckleing on this boat. Also if any one has a 150 on this boat what kind of speed are you gettting.

Thanks, Mike
Mike: On a 2001 Tournament V-18, a 90 HP motor is supposed to get around 41 mph, while a 150 should bring 56-58 mph. This is from the Tracker website. Hope this helps.
I have a 2000 TV-18 with a 2001 90hp motor...when it was new (march) it did a top speed of 43mph...now, I'm in the exact same boat as you (no pun intended) at 36mph tops...not sure what gives...it doesn't seem to matter the load I have in the boat, the wind, etc...
Could that "high-dollar" speedometer be lying???
Say it isn't so!!!
Maybe it will take a GPS to see what's really happening...
Before I bought my BassCat I was looking at a guys 2000 TV18 w/135 Optimax (boat was on consignment and I was told the transom had to be fixed? up, owner says at his expense before any problems could develope, dealer said to repair damage done by heavier motor, believe what you want). After I bought the Cat I was talking to the owner about the boats and he was surprised my Cat could run 60+ mph w/135 Opti. because the best that TV18 could do was 53-55 mph with the same motor. BTW the dealer told me the 2001 model had improved transom and could handle the larger engines, no problem! (like he would tell me different?)
Hope this info helps.
Tom (I just fishfafun!)