Sounds like a blast!!

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Bill McElroy

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Jul 26, 2000
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You guys sound like you had a GREAT time!!...Glad to hear that!! Mini and I would've had a little problem to deal with if we were there!!...My ignition switch went bad on us saturday morning at the ramp!! I had my boat out friday and never had a problem,...saturday morning at the ramp, it was toasted!! Mini got a call from Pat Verbeek from the Wing's offering him 2 tickets to the playoff game saturday!! He was faced with a traumatic decision,..go to the game or wait for another buddy to show up with his boat to take Mini out,...(Mini's boat is in for repairs) sooooooo, luckily, Mini's got friends like me who can say,.."Are you freakin' nuts Mini?!....You can fish anytime you want,....You've got the wings calling YOU, and offering playoff tickets!!....HELLLOO!!!!!!" Mini went to the game,.....I went to the service center and had my ignition switched replaced and the wings kicked butt, was a beautiful day!! Imagine if we would've driven all the way to MO to have that happen!! UNREAL!
Anyway,...really anxious to hear more stories about the weekend, and here's hoping we can all make next years!!
If Pierre and co. host it next year,.....we gota hit Lk. Simcoe for the smallies!! That lake is awesome!!! Seeya!!
I'm telling you guys, Lake Champlain is the place to be! Pierre, how far are you from Montreal? That's only an hour north of here. Lots of water, beautiful scenery, inexpensive lodging, you name it. Come on guys, it won't dissappoint you. I can even arrange to have some north country BBQ at the launch. Just a thought. Sorry about that switch Mac, I feel your pain. I am still plagued with gremlins myself.
what Mac forgot to mention that after the game I called a friend and he was on the lake, soooooo I asked him to pick me up at the launch and I went out on Clair and boated about 20 smallies over the next three hours....

I heard Champlain is hot....I know we have great fishing here in Michigan but after talking with alot of the Top 150 pro's they claim champlain to be the most amazing fishery they visit....I am up for about you Mac?

That's it, I'm sold. I live in NH and I have Friends in VT so I'm definately hitting Chmaplain this year as soon as my TV-18 get's here.

If your boat is still plagued with Gremlins by then, we'll take mine. I'll put in on the VT side and zip across the Lake and get you. Just how big is Champlain?? Could a TV-18 with 90HP just zip across? If not, I'll drive around and get you.

Who says there could only be 1 internet Rally per year? I don't see any reason why we couldn't have an east coast rally at Champlain some time in June or July. Buzz just trailered a new boat to VT all the way from Texas. So there's 3 of us. Let's do it, the last one seemed like to much to wait until next year.

I'm just a little excited, can't you tell. These water softening 60 degree days are starting to get to me.

Marke: Count me in on Lake Champlain! It's the only place that I fish. I fish the Inland Sea on the Vermont side - the eastern side of Grand Isle. I live 12 miles from Sandbar (Milton). The wind kicks up alot, so zipping cross the broad lake can be a pain. It's easier to trailer to a location near where you plan on launching. I might be able to persuade my wife into making her famous pork ribs and chicken wings - Vermont maple syrup is one of her "secret" ingredients!! Still waiting for ice out...
I'm in for Champlain,...I really wanted to come to MO but it just didn't work out,....I deffinetely want to make it next year and I can't wait to meet everyone from this site, folks are the BEST!
I did a little more research and found out that Lake Champlain is 120 miles in length, and 12 miles wide at it's widest point, the lake is the 6th largest lake in the US. It's deepest area is around 400 feet with the average around 40 feet. Let's do Lake Champlain.. Thanks

You forgot to mention "Champy" the legendary sea monster that lives in the lake. Have any of you guys ever seen it? lol


We need one of you home town local boys to make some arrangements for the next rally. What's the best time of year for Champlain?