Silicone on livewell pumps, OK? or NOT?

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Bill P

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Feb 19, 2001
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Is it ok to use silicone, to seal around the opening on a thru hull livewell pump? I've heard yes,and no. Why, or why not??? I was thinking it would be the best, because they hold fish tanks together with it, and I've had a 55 gallon for 11 years and it still doesn't leak (thank god). All comments welcome, Bill P.
I've used it on my boat. I agree with Mini, make sure it is made for underwater use. I think 3M makes some for this purpose.

Bill, making sure it's approved for "underwater use" probably isn't enuff. Make sure it's "Aquarium Safe". Regular silicon will poison fish, and ya don't wanna take that chance when your fishing a tourney. Check any local aquarium supply store, they should have the proper type for ya.
Good Luck!!
Todd C.

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