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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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There should be a star next to my "M" member icon for this post. If you don't see it, please hit reload or refresh on your browser, and come back to finish reading this message.

The star next to my name is linked to a new feature for the web site: Fishing Reports.

This is not a brand new idea. We had discussed something like this recently on the message board, and some of us are familiar with other sites that offer fishing report features. This will be different, and (pardon my lack of humility) it's gonna be better than most you've seen.

The Fishing Reports page lets you enter details about a fishing outing, such as where and when you fished, what the conditions were, and notes about what happened. You can use this feature to provide help for other anglers, and you may want to use it as a fishing diary.

There are rudimentary search features so you'll be able to see all of the reports submitted by a member, by state, and by fishing location. Over time, I'll add more sophisticated filters for dates, conditions, etc.

You can print the individual reports for reference, to build a log book, or whatever suits you.

The star next to my member icon is a "Fishing Star" reflects how many fishing reports I've submitted. If you submit a report, a purple star will appear next to your member icon. Once you get to 10 reports, the star will change to green. 25 reports, light blue, and so on. The chart of fishing star colors is shown at the bottom of the Fishing Reports page. I did this because I think it is important to recognize members who submit reports. I think anglers should be positively acknowledged for sharing their experiences with other anglers.

Another of the features I built is the ability to have a link to a map of the location you fished. I will be using Microsoft's MapPoint to build maps of many popular bodies of water. In the near future, you'll be able to choose from the maps I've built and link a map to your fishing report. I'm hoping to go even further with this feature. I plan to make it possible for you to correlate events in your fishing report to locations on the maps. That's gonna take some doing, but that's where I am going.

Now, I need some help from you, the members:

1. Look at the Fishing Reports page and tell me what you'd like to see included, particularly in the "Species Targeted", "Weather Conditions" and the other lists that are used to select info for reports.

2. Please use the feature and give me feedback on how it's working.

3. Tell me what bodies of water you'd like to see maps for first.

4. Finally, submit reports!

I hope you like the feature and will use it. Sorry for the long winded post, but there was a lot to cover!
Holy Largemouth, Baitman! That's been quite an undertaking!

And remember, Folks......... Rich gets NO compensation from anybody for his efforts. Not even Tracker. He does it simply for the love of the sport!

Thanks, Rich, and God Bless!
Once again Rich excels. Fishing report area looks/works great. Keep up the great stuff Rich. I'll try to report Delta or northern California lakes that I fish. Good or bad it's a way to accumulate info even if only for our own use later this year or next....Thanks
That was nice of them, wasn't it, Chris? :)

Guys, thanks so much for the initial fishing reports!!! I'm going back and adding map links to your reports based on where you fished, and trying to add more maps of locations you indicated you will be fishing.

Tim, couldn't get MapPoint to tell me which of the little blue lines represented the Juniata. If you fish it a lot, I can research it some more and see if I can scan one from somewhere.

Again, thanks!