Second Voyage (and this one includes FISH)

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Marke Cicero

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Mar 21, 2001
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Hey Gang,
Well I took the boat up to Lake Fairlee in Fairlee VT. It's decent size lake that has trout and bass. It was much easier loading / unloading in a the lake than in the river (no current). The boat ran great and fished comfortably.

We put the boat in and caught the first 10-15 fish 20 feet away from the boat ramp. They stocked the lake last week with 3000 brown trout and they never swam away, they are still were the truck dumped them (and the avid trout fisherman will tell you that bass are We used our ultra lights with 4lb line and small spinners and had a blast. We could have had our limit in about 15 minutes but we thru them all back.
Then we trolled for a while. I was impressed with how low my 90hp would idle and how slow we could go, but we didn't catch anything trolling. I put the H-bird to the test and we found a really nice ledge (3ft that dropped right off to 22ft). Here we caught a variety of fish; bass, brown trout, perch, pickerel and sunfish that felt like bass.

Total for the day was some where near 30 fish. I think my boat is now officially broken in.

Auhh, Life is good!

WOW! What a day, Marke!

Brownies make mighty fine table fare....... Smoked! M-m-m-m! But I'm sure that they appreciate (As I do!) your "catch-n-release attitude"!

Now....... I gotta get you, John, Rich AND Barb down here to canoe the Current River! 3 Pounders are common!

You're getting pretty good at posting those photos. A scanner is definately on 10 most wanted new toys list. Actually my top 9 list, now that the boat is off :eek:)

Brownies are good eating. That's why I go to VT, I can catch bass anywhere. But I would have felt guilty keepn' these guys. Plus they need a few years in the lake to tenderize, you can always taste the differencce between a stockie and a native.
Is the Current a fly fishing only river? I wish I had my fly rod with this weekend. It's still in storage and I won't be in the new house until August.


I'm sorry to report that there were no fish on ol' Charlie yet. He was my trolling rig. But he does have brand new line.

Marke -

The section I fish is a "Trophy" area - fish must be 15" to be kept and you are allowed 3 per day. State-wide, it is any size, 5 fish.

When the picture was taken about 3 or 4 years ago, live bait was allowed. My favorite bait at the time was minnows. Since then, it has become "artificials only" and no soft plastics are allowed.

My favorite rig is still an ultra-ultra light with 2 or 4# line and sometimes a 1# leader. That way I can sink my wollybuggers down to the bottom where the big fish hide! But I've also caught many fish and large fish on a fly rod floating wollyworms. I don't know if woolybuggers and worms are the favorite food of the trout - I use 'em cuz they're easy to tie!

Hey Marke glad to hear that you're on the water. If you happen to swing by my neck of the woods, we'll do a day on Cahmplain if I can fit it. The bite is on real big right now. Still glad to hear that you broke in your boat proper.

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