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Jerry Lorton

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Aug 22, 2000
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As you guys know I have a Grizzly 16 bass with a 50hp. I was running the St. Johns river last weekend (low water level) at WOT (38mph) when I ran a ground in the middle of the river. I sit up front on this rig and if it wasn't for the trolling motor, I would have been under the boat. I went 25 yards in 4 inches of water before I got control of the situation. Boat full of mud, the motor never died, kill switch never pulled. Took me 45 mins to get the boat off the sand bar in ankle deep water. Needless to say I now have a seat belt made from my tree stand safety belt. I have heard too many horror stories about stick steer boats. BTW I caught 12 large mounth, biggest weighted 6.11 pounds with some 3 pounders to boot. The only damage I saw was the paint on the skeg was gone, gotta love a SS prop. Jerry
Glad you and the boat are OK. I bet the pucker factor was quite high for a few hours after that one!
Wow Jerry, what a ride that must have been!
I hope the seat belt you have can be easily
released in the event your boat capsizes.
I would hate to see you go down with the ship.

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