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Dec 18, 2021
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I have recently moved to an area where my 1991 Ranger 361V is no longer best suited. The waters I normally fish are rivers with rocks, trolling motor only small lakes and an occasional trip to a normal lake. I'd like to get fairly shallow without worrying about busting up my glass boat so time to make a change to aluminum. I have read a lot of threads about the Avalanches and learned try for 2004 or newer, 135hp or greater, there is some concern about purposing(some kind of weld fix). Some things I can't find
1.How much does it draft(boat not motor)? floating and on plane
2.Any info running a hydraulic jack plate to raise motor when running shallow.
3.Front deck size(width in front of console, length down center, width at bow). I have a great front deck in mine and usually fish my partner on the front with me
4.Stability when fishing

Any other info would be appreciated. I would love to be able to get in one and look around since I have never seen one in person. Anyone near Inwood, WV that could help with that would be greatly appreciated. I will sell trade my boat if the Avalanche will work. 1991 Ranger 361V, 150XR4, 18', 112lb Motorguide, 61mph gps, (1/2 tank fuel, all gear, 300lb man), solid condition but not perfect, handles waves great and dry, has been garage kept since I've owned it. very stable fish 2 on front deck.