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Scott S.

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Nov 3, 2000
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Planning on installing a pair of RodHolders on my TV17 for those lazy days. The gunnels have plenty of room. Although, I do not know what type/mount might be best befor I drill. On our other boat we have Berkley and Attwood rod holders, not impressed. Anyone use RAM Rod Holders, or RAM tube type rod holders. I like the idea of 3 or 4 RAM bases mounted in different spots and a Couple Holders.
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I had the DELUXE Roberts rod holders mounted on my boat. I highly recommend them. Sell for about $17 each at Bass Pro or Wally World. I used stainless hardware from Lowes or Home Depot to secure them in place. They come with a base to be attached to a flat surface but they also have other bases available for about $5 to attach to rails or mounted flush with a surface.

Mine got LOTS of use - I ALWAYS have "lazy" days.....


P.S. The "economy version" were not big enough to accomodate the handles of my medium-heavy rods.

I have Scotty rod holders on my Pro-Angler. They have been great. You can get them at Bass Pro or you can get them at Cabellas. Cabellas puts their name on them but they are the exact same rod holder. I did what you are thinking about and mounted bases along each side of the boat. I put mine on top of the gunnel. When needed, I just put the rod holder in the most convenient spot by where I am sitting.

I hear that the Ram holders are good but have never used them. Good luck.

Scott S, I have had Driftmasters on both of my Nitros and like them because of how solid the all-metal construction is. The base plates are small and stay out of the way. On my previous Nitro, I mounted them under the deck and only had a 1/2" hole in the deck visible (actually just about invisible).
I installed ram rod holders with Berts track system. Very happy with these. They are the best of any I have previously used.
Mounted 6 tracks 2 in bow on sides and 2 in back sides and 2 along the back board.
Mount downriggers as well with the track system.

Thanx for the advice. I am goin fishin this weekend and will decide where is best location and make it next weeks project. Mike Watson I see we live in the same town(Park Ridge), maybe I can share some hot spots with you. Are your Bases flush mount on the Scottys or on the top or side of the gunnels? Good fishin.