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Thomas Macaluso

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Jul 10, 2000
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Rob do you need directions down to garwood or are you going to use the map function and punch in jim's home address ? let me know also what time you leaving home so we know when to expect you .I will be checking the board on and off all day another boring day at work I rather be busy that this crap

I will be coming back up to you guys from Mt Holly. Should get there around 8:00. Would like to show you guys, what I am doing down there as it wasn't really possible when you were last up. I will check my e-mail to be sure I have Jim's address. If not, could you have him e-mail it to me again. The map site I use is great and should put me on his door step. Talk to you tomorrow. Twist my arm, and we could sneak in some night fishing after! LOL

I assume you mean his street Address which is 336 Second Ave. Garwood N.J. 07027 your best bet would be to go to his house since as I have said before my house is totally ripped apart with the addition being added and I might not be around in the afternoon Jim knows how to get in touch with me if I am not around my house . As far as night fishing we live in the suburbs while there is bass in the local ponds the nearest decent fishing is a hour away I give Jim a yell when I get out of work and tell him o e mail him