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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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O.K. guys the boat should be ready to rock n roll this afternoon. Good thing too. I have three friends that want to go out on Sunday before I start having trips booked and I bet all of them that I could catch 40 fish before the day was out, by myself. Raised the anty by betting I could catch the first 5 within 100 yards of the launch. Now I have to live up to it. I thought you would all have fun with this as well. I really am under the gun as 2 camcorders will be recording my triumph or demise. Rest assured that I will post on Monday morning to let everyone know how I did. This video will be my first real attempt at landing some local sponsors. Wish me luck. And guys, it's not a cocky thing. I am just trying to prove my salt to some potential dealerships without having the in depth record they are looking for. I just want to prove to them that I am a worthy investment. Any feedback from you seasoned state team folks would be appreciated.
Rob,...good must be oozing confidence, because if anything can make a fool out of a person it's a stupid fish!!..LOL. The one thing that will help you land sponsors more than ANYTHING else is your work ethic and your integrity....they mean more to a sponsor than any amount of fish in a livewell. Say what you do,...and do what you say, it consistently and professionally and you'll always be a valuable asset to a sponsor. Keep detailed records for "quarterly reports" and don't be affraid to go above and beyond,...anything you can do to make yourself better than the next guy will help you in the long run. Best of luck and holler back if you'd like any other advice.....just be prepaired to "walk the talk!"....Good luck budd,.....keep'em sharp!!
Well, I don't know how to relay extreme dissappointment over the wires here but when I went to get my boat on Friday afternoon, the parts I haid paid to be overnighted, were stuck in NJ. Why is it that everything gets stuck in NJ. Nothing against the NJ guys here, but it must be the Bermuda triangle of distribution. Anyhow, I had to reschedule my challenge. The worst part is that today would have been near perfect conditions too. Well, this is just me crying to myself. Thanks for being a "sounding" board guys. I just REALLY want to be on the water. I'll keep you posted.
Don't worry Rob, the ice has only been out for about week or 2. You still have a long season of 60 fish days ahead of you. I hope I can make it there for one of them.


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