Reminded why I bought my 6th Nitro Boat

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Rob Heilman

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Mar 9, 2001
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Well I just recently ordered a spare tire for my 901, and my dealer was having a problem locating the matching tire to the one I currently have on the boat. I finally said do the best and if you can't find it just get me what they have or are now using. Today I recieved a conference call from my dealer with Tracker parts on the line... After explaining what type of rim and tire I have we determined this was a manufacturer that Tracker no longer works with. I said well don't worry about it I'll take whatever will work. Later that day I get a call from Tracker and they have contacted their previous supplier and have ordered the matching rim at the same price and need to know the brand and size of tire to match to the rim..... All I can say is thanks and thats just one more reason I'll ordering another new Nitro next year..... Rob H>>>
Rob -

Please...... Post the name of your Dealer, his location and the name of the Customer Service Rep at Tracker who did so much to help!

Good people like this deserve recognition!

Boy it sure is nice to see this post. There are still folks willing to go the extra mile. We are willing to complain when things go wrong, human nature I guess. Nice to see someone give praise. Good luck Rob. Make sure someone at Tracker knows the satisfaction this person gave you.

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