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David Butler

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May 28, 2001
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I have a a prop with a small amount of damage to it. i have been able to hammer out the small dings with out much trouble. It seems to run okay no vibration. Questoin is should i replace it with a new prop or have it rebuilt. rebuit is $60. bucks new is $170. it sounds like a no brainer but i'm not sure if rebuit is as good a quality. if rebuiding is a good option how many time can a prop be rebuilt before it us useless.

any comments would be appreciated thanks in advance

dave i would replace prop ,even if you hammer out dents it will not perform as well as a good prop. i purchased a new hustler prop for around 70.00 the prop can be replaced without the hub for about 50.00 brand new. this has saved me a few bucks lol.
Dave -

I bought my first boat about 7 years ago - a 20 year old Monark Bassboat with 70 hp Evinrude and aluminum prop. Trying to learn how to avoid rocks and stumps and submerged picnic tables took me quite a while! (I'm not real bright, ya know!) Can't tell you how many times I took that aluminum prop to Mazco Props here in St. Louis to have it rebuilt........... LOTS!

Each time it came back good as new! If I remember correctly, the cost was $40 per blade each time. (I still think they shoulda given me a quantity discount!) But it sure was one heck of a lot cheaper than buying new props!

And. although a stainless prop might have withstood the damage better - the softer aluminum saved my lower unit from being torn to pieces!

My answer: Rebuild!

EsoxTracker: my hustler prop worked great , i did go down a pitch i have a merc 6ohp on a TF170. i did not see a diff from my michigan prop. my top end is 38-39 gps the same as my other props

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