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Marke Cicero

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Mar 21, 2001
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Well, the honey moon is over. I just my boat payment book in the mail......

What's more depressing is the terential rainfall plagueing all of New England this weekend. I hope some of you are out there today.

Tight lines,

It's been raining for weeks straight here!!!....Feels like I should be gathering up critter's by the two's! LOL
Tryin' to stay dry,
i hear that.i was out this am for a my personal best this am.a 23"largemouth!what a hogger it was..all on a power worm too,my favorite rig..its been overcast here all day,but it is fishable to me..

oh well,getting ready to go out again in an hr or so..the elusive walleye are calling me to find them!!
Our weather in Ohio has been sooooo rainy, water levels are WAY up,
my boat is collecting DUST, my lawn is gonna need a COMBINE to cut it
and my ROOF leaks!!!!!!!

Hmmm.. other then that. life is grand! LOL....... NOT!!!!!!!
I think our GA weather is going to hold for the morning, have the boat loaded up and ready for an early morning assault on them BIG BASS!

Mac - Just let me know when you're ready and i'll send Noah up to pilot the 9-series with the critters!

Have not recieved my payment book yet, but weather in ILL has been rainy or cold since I bought my boat. Do we still have to make payments even if we don't use them?
Grab that rain suit Marke!
I've already got the TV-18 wet more times this spring than during the entire lifespan of my last boat!

We've been plagued with cold and rain here too! Oh yes, not to mention the wind!!! A balmy 52 today...

Me and my 9 year old got out yesterday for 2.5 hours in between rain showers...I really didn't even want to go, but the 9 year old would not take "no" as an answer. Well, I'm glad I listened to him! We caught 11 largemouth...Only 1 was under 14"...2 were decent fish...measured 19" with big guts...(a digital scale is on daddy's father's day list).
All came on soft plastics fished between shore and the those chompers really STINK!

So, if you can sneak out for short time periods, it still may pay off for you...

Catch and Release!
Andy Z
I know the feeling all too well Marke, got my payment book last week. Now I'm trying to convince myself I did the right thing in buying a brand new boat vice a used one.

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