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Nov 9, 2022
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That time of year again. Tax time for Personal Property. Oh Goodie!!
So, received our Personal Property Tax Bill for 2023 from the County Seat in which we keep our boat.
Reviewed each line in both Assessed Valuation and Tax Levy Rates. Well, it went OK until one figure stood out from all others.
School Levy was some 78% of the total Levy. That one threw me into an inquiry with the County Assessor.

We went over each line item of the Boat package and line item of Tax Districts as they listed.
After much discussion, the Assessor asked which Model we owned. The Model was not noted on the Property Description. I stated "A Model Z17."
She looked up the Models offered by Nitro noting that the list of Models they have in their
Tax System from Nitro does NOT list the Z17 as a boat they manufacture!! They had a Model Z18 listed, so they used that as a basis for Taxation. Repeat!

After my either laughing or crying, the Assessor asked if I would send her a copy of the Sale Document via E-mail. I agreed and in a flash sent not only
copies of the Sale Doc. but also the State Registration Receipt and the Title. All showing Model Z17.
Within 30 Minutes the Assessor E-mailed back noting a Savings of $139. They would mail out a newly revised Tax Statement.

So, if things look a tad off fellow Z17 owners, Check it out. Some time may just save some $$.
(may apply to other "Z" owners too.)