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Mike Paul

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Mar 17, 2001
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Well guess what? It's raining, AGAIN!!! Since every time I go fishing latley it rains, I think I need a good rainsuit. I have a cheap Stearns suit, but it is made of plastic and It makes me sweat so much I might as well not wear it. So can you guys recomend a good suit that is relativly inexpensive and BREATHABLE, cause it looks like I'm going to be fishing in the rain alot this year. THANKS
Check BPS. They have some nice suits for around $100. They are not the XPS or 100mph suits mind you, but I think they will do. I am do to get one myself. I'll let you know which one I get and how I like it. Could you do the same?
Mike, I caught a set of Cabela's Dry-Plus bibs and parka on a closeout discontinued color sale via their internet site late last winter. A really nice set for spring/fall/winter. Too hot for warm days and summer so I found a set of Fogg Toggs on sale a tackle store. The toggs are great, waterproof and breathable. Whatever you get make sure that you can layer the underclothes and make sure that you wear your PFD outside your rain gear.

If I were looking for a suit now I would definitely take a look at the BPS Bone Dry set(+/- $100). I personally like the bibs better that the pants..........keeps that crack from showin'.

A good rainsuit is one of the best pieces of equipment you can have. Nothing worse than being wet, cold and miserable.
mike I have the bass pro 100mph and it is the cats but
if you can spend the extra cash go for it a good suit is worth every dime ..................bob
P.S I sold one of my kids for it and I still owe money
sure do love this sport..........
I have a BPS XPS, gortex rain suit and I love it. I have fished in some heavy rain and stayed dry. The rain just bounces off or you just shake like a dog once in a while and you are dry again. I agree if you are going to get one, spend that little extra and get a good one.