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Sam Elkins

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Aug 18, 2000
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Has anyone ever put a radio in the Pro Team line of boats? If so where? Thinking of doin' it. Thanks
Yes!! I have a '93 Tournament V17 similar to Tournament V18 aand pro Team in layout. The Difference though is my single console is a bit bigger and has a flat area to the right where Factory Fishfinders are commonly installed. I m gimlle mounted my stereo here. I bought from a Local Boat Store a completely sealed am/FM CD Player iit came with 2 Waterproof Speakers, and I added 2 More.. It was the best price I could find on a Waterproof Unit was $199 There are some enclosures available for a car stereo, but they are a bit bulkier. I have the speakers monuted 1 on the side of the single console, 1 under/side the pass seat and 2 mounted up front on the side of the casting deck..
Seems to work great and CD's were not skipping as I was in some rougher water last weekend. Check out "SCott S." in the owners gallery for some pictures.