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Feb 18, 2018
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Herrin, IL
Hi folks...........I'm considering putting an electric winch on my boat trailer. Has anyone here done that & would you do it again? As an old geezer I keep looking to make things easier rather than harder. My Tracker 175 is not that big so I'm thinking this will making loading much easier. Also, is there a brand you would recommend?
Thanks so much for all your input.
I installed a winch on my neighbors boat (non-Nitro 17’ aluminum) trailer due to his poor health. Did the install 5+ years ago using an inexpensive harbor freight winch. Substituted the metal cable to synthetic rope. Has worked flawlessly allowing him to maintain his independence despite health limitations.

Added a deep cycle battery and box to trailer. Also used the power tap on 7-pin connector to add some charge and capacity back into battery while traveling to fishing site.

Definitely would do it again.
Thanks for your input....I installed the new electric wench this past weekend. Took your advise on the battery. Went fishing on Monday & what a difference the wench made. Much easier to load the boat by myself now.

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