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Eugene Offield2

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Mar 18, 2001
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Rich, I remember you saying you installed a jackplate on your 700 LX a few weeks back and was wondering if you had to put a longer steering cable on. also how much did it change the perfomance of your boat?
Hi Eugene. The existing steering cable worked fine (only five inches of setback).

Performance: With the initial install, I raised the motor 5/8". My WOT speed and RPM numbers are about the same. Hole shot is improved and so is the overall handling. I still have another 200-300 rpm to go before redline, but I don't want to raise the motor any further without a water pressure gauge. They were out of them at BPS when I was last there. So, as soon as I get the water pressure gauge installed, I'll start to tweak the height a bit.

I am going to put a hydrofoil on as well. The jackplate acts like a big scoop when coming off plane as the stern squats. It can put a bunch of water on the back deck, so I need to start landing a little flatter.

I've got pictures of everything I did, and will publish it all when the final numbers are in.