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Kurt Kleist

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Feb 22, 2001
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I have a 1999 NX882 with a Merc 150 Optimax. From the dealer the boat came rigged with a 24" pitch Trophy four blade SS prop. The problem is the hole shot is not so good. I'm a big guy and so is my fish'n partner, and the hole shot is really bad when the livewell is full. The top end is great, actually too fast for my wants. Anyone else have a similar experience? Any recommendations on prop selection?

Thanks. Tight lines.

PS: The (pre)spawn has expoded here in NorCal. I say, when the lights go out, go out fish'n!!!

// Kurt (aka BigAssBass)
You didn't mention your RPM so I will figure it is within Limits. Sounds like you may have a little to much prop. I seem to hear most guys with the 150 are turning 23P props. I am not familar witht the trophy prop. But maybe having vent holes put in it might help it out if you really like the way it performs everywere except hole shot.

Another good place to ask would be Phils PRops in Redding.

If you ever fish Calero during the week let me know. I will try to meet you there..


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