Prop numbers, where to find em! Dumb question??

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Eric B

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Mar 1, 2001
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2000 ProAngler V16, 40hp Merc 2 cyc. I found some numbers on my
prop, been wanting to know the Dia/Pitch incase I need to replace it.
There are numbers on the lower unit, on top of the anti-ventilation plate
which say 13x26 then under that is 2.00:1 (this number is the gear ratio)

Now inside the prop says 38x14P. Any ideas as to what these are? Is
this the Dia/Pitch ?? Or am I looking in the wrong place? I asked my
dealer tech but he didnt know ! Grrrrrrrr.

Eric -

14 Is the pitch...... I'm not sure what the 38 is.....

I can't believe your dealer didn't know! Or at least make the effort to find out! Geez.....

Thanks Gregg and the others. I found the number. Inside of prop
says 10.38 x 14P, which I gathered after viewing Mercury's site that
the 10.38 = 10 3/8" DIA.