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Julio Santana

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Jul 20, 2000
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Question for you prop saavy guys.

I run a 12.5 X 23 on my Merc 90 that's mounted on my 2000 Nitro 700LX.

No one makes the same size SS prop and I'm tired of having to fix my Aluminum prop every month or two because the water is low down here in Florida! ! !

The guy at the prop shop said to use the Merc Laser II prop in SS that I have at a 22 pitch and a 13.25 diameter... That it'd roughly even out RPM and such because of increased size over what I'm running now?

I don't buy it. 22 Pitch would increase my RPM's by at least 200 or more. Increase diameter may slow it back but I have very little clearance if I run that prop between the blade edge and the bottom part of the planing bar on the motor.... Am I asking for trouble running that SS prop?
I have a 98 700LXDC with a 90merc and I run a 22P laser II prop. the boat runs the same as it did with alu. 23P. It runs 51 and a good hole shot.