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Parrotth3ad _

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Apr 18, 2001
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Tried out my pro seat last night on the PT175 and I LOVE it. Best thing since sliced bread! I don't like to sit while I fish and the standard seat that comes with the PT175 is always in the way. And with the traffic we've been seeing on the water lately, my boat isn't stable enough (or maybe I'm not stable enough) to enjoy fishing with nothing on the casting deck to lean against, and the standard seat is just too low. So, I bought a Wise Pro seat, and the 31" extending pedistal from BPS and it worked out GREAT. I now have more room to move about the casting deck and have something to keep me upright on those long, dark nights of summer. And to top it all off, had enough weight to take home 1st place and big fish. Paid for my new addition on the first night out... Aint life grand.... Don't you just love the looks you get when you beat out those Rangers and Bullets in a T...
Parrotth3ad, Congratulations on the first place finish! I fish in a club where my boat is one of the smallest (length & HP) and I love it when I pull all those fish out of my livewell. They may beat you to the honey hole but, you still have to make them bite. I don't knlow about you but, I've never seen a bass caught at 70MPH. It goes to show you that skill goes along way no matter what you fish out of. I used to have a 10 foot bass tender with a three horse and I would still beat the heck out of all those fancy glass rigs at weigh in. Keep putting them to shame!

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