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Nov 12, 2000
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Yesterday, i had a tournament. I blew two fuses on my trolling motor, got aggtravated, and bypassed the fuses with fish hooks. My partner repeatedly says something stinks back there. I ignore it, he eventually opens it and says, "Mike you battery's on fire." Now in the back of a tracker, the gas tank (Thank God I run a portable tank)
Is right next to the battery so first thing i do is take the gas tank out and prepare to chuck it overboard. SO i open the seat (broke the top off in the process) and get my fire extuinguisher out that came with the boat. I pull the pin, aim and fiddle with it until the back compartment of my boat is covered in that white powder. Crisis was averted, and I wouldnt have a boat today if that extuinguisher didnt work. I will now never fish without one. By the way, we finished third, but only got to fish about 2 hours. We were killing them until then.
You never want to throw your tank overboard. If it ever ignited you would be surounded by flame!!!! A little gas goes a long ways on water. Glad everything turned out ok. I know it can be a pain but those fuses are there for this exact reason. Being an electrician, I see people do some strange things when the fuse/breaker keeps popping.