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Jul 10, 2000
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Pierre friday's fine with me if it's easier for you I have to check with my partner to see if he wants to go either Thursday or Friday we can discuss next years rally . Rob let me know if you want to fish during the week and if you want to come over by boat you can use my slip like we did last time . To both of you unless you post something before 8 tonight I won't see it since we are leaving early Saturday morning . so either the two of you can figure out when the best day would be and Rob can get in touch with me . or you can try and call my cell phone number which is 908-578-3614 the phone sometimes works up sometimes not. if somehow we cannt touch base we wil go thursday afternoon .Pierre look for a Maroon 4 door Tahoe with Jersey tags and a few Bass stickers on the rear windows or look for two guys wearing Central Jersey Bassin Buddies Shirts or jackets and if dogs are allowed at the weigh-in look for a dog white dog that kind of looks like a big fox
Then I will definitely be there Friday...Rob are you out here ?

I'm sure Rob will be around both days, so Tom MAc let's say we meet at the weigh-in at 4:30 ?

sounds good to me .I will check with my partner tonight and if there is a problem I post it tonight otherwise we will see you there just look for our club jackets . I think that Rob has left for NC or SC today he is going to be back on Monday I think

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